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Alaska Steller's Sea Cow Poster

Top 10 Pics of Extinct Animals in the World Animals are loved by everyone. People loves their pet and care them but no one ever remember the animal who had left the earth forever. Many people only know that Dinosaur is the only animal extinct so here is a picture compilation and a video of some Popular extinct animals in the world. Take a look. Top 10 Pics of Extinct Animals in the World #1 Woolly Mammoth #2Dodo #3Great Auk #4Passenger Pigeon #5Tasmanian Tiger #6Baiji White Dolphin…

The Steller's sea cow (Hydromamalis gigas) is an extinct mammal belonging to the order Sirenia. It was discovered in 1741 by Georg Wilhelm Steller in the Sea of ​​Bering, between Siberia and Alaska. This pacific giant, closely related to the Dugong, was up to 9 meters long (30 ft) and 9 tonnes of weight. It became extinct only 27 years after the scientific discovery due to hunting for its meat, skin and fat.


Steller's Sea Cow Steller's Sea Cow was discovered in the Aleutian Islands by George Steller while exploring with Vitus Bering in 1741. They grew as large as 35 feet long and weighed up to three-and-a-half tons. Sailors ate their meat and used their leather. They were easily killed and vanished from their only home within 30 years after Steller's discovery.

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Sitting on a Cliff Vs. Falling Off a Cliff

The Steller's sea cow is gone. This mega-manatee swam the North Pacific for millions of years, and then in the 1700s humans hunted them to extinction. Today on the front page of the New York Times,...


Steller's sea cow - The Steller's sea cow was driven extinct only 27 years after being discovered, due to humans poaching it into extinction.