If your kids enjoy making messes and/or you're looking for boredom busters for rainy afternoons, check out this collection of baking soda experiments for kids. We're big fans of #s 2 and 7. Who knew baking soda could be so much fun??!

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STEM Design Challenges are fun, engaging activities that stimulate problem-solving and critical thinking for students, grades 2-8. (Paid product comes with modifications to add or decrease rigor for younger/older students.)

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The Minimalism Unveiled Master Bath offers an elevated shower experience; control water volume, temperature, and steam.

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4/20 Chinese Sticky Rice cakes---the ones I was offered looked even better than this and I've never had one before and who knows when I'll get the chance again, but it looked sweet and gooey, so I had to say no...

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Something special to experience in Melbourne is a trip on Puffing Billy, a century-old steam train still running on its original mountain track from Belgrave to Gembrook in the scenic Dandenong Ranges

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[GAME] Star Wars Battlefront II and LEGO Star Wars : The Complete Saga (Both 99p / Steam codes)

If children are “engineering” their very own original designs, then they are doing the “E” in STEM. It’s the application of their prior knowledge in science, mathematics, and utilization of technology that they apply in order to create! All children are natural “STEMists!” #STEM #science #EngineeringDesignProcess

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Cajun Blackened Shrimp is such a versatile recipe. Serve with your favorite dipping sauce for an appetizer. Toss with buttered spaghetti or rice and steamed vegetables for an easy dinner.

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Scotty Lewis describes bending wood as "one of the most exciting and magical things a woodworker will ever experience," and the lure is easy to see: The ability to shape Mother Nature's product to our design indicates a mastery of material and allows for unusual shapes. We've looked at plenty

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