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How To Steam Clean Your Mattress Correctly Today

If you steam clean your mattress you need to check manufacturers instructions! It is simple but you need to allow for drying time too!


How to Remove Cat Urine from Carpets (My cats are great. I actually need to use this to get urine out of everything from my Autistic son. If something is good enough for cat urine, I'm hoping it works for this. Crossing fingers!)


Absolutely, dry steam cleaning is an excellent way to kill off dust mites, remove pet dander from surfaces, and generally clean hard and soft surfaces. Regular use of a dry steam cleaner can keep many allergens at bay. For example, using a dry steam cleaner to clean mattresses, upholstery, carpet, and rugs can keep dust mite numbers at a minimum for up to 2 months. The results of cleaning with a dry steam cleaner will keep you breathing easy in a healthier indoor living space.

4 Reasons to Have a Garment Steamer In Your Tool Arsenal

Freshen all around your home with the CONAIR® Turbo ExtremeSteam®. It'll deodorize and sanitize your sofa and curtains plus it will kill bed bugs and dust mites on your mattress without chemicals or the expense of professional upholstery cleaning. Add one to your tool arsenal today and start experiencing the power of steam.