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27 Proven Steps to Break a Bad Habit (without the Cravings)

Falling down is an accident - Staying down is a choice. Make those changes you need to get back up and start again! Change your bad habits -


El-P, TV On the Radio's Jaleel Bunton, and Mr. Killums the squirrel face a bloodthirsty audience. Stay Down" by EL-P Ft. Jamie Meline as "El-P" & Jaleel Bunton as "Nick Diamonds" Director Timothy Saccent...


Learning to crochet slipper boots is so much fun, and you can show others how to make crocheted slipper boots. They keep your feet so warm, cozy, comfortable, and they look so good too. People who enjoy crocheting often wonder what they are going to do with the left over yarn from other projects. Making crochet slipper boots is one of the best ways to use that yarn up. Some of the crochet slipper boots can go up the calf of the leg, or stay down around the ankle. They can have buttons of…

MAGI: The Labyrinth of Magic I personally wanted to jump into the anime but I expected this outcome

Grandma’s Real Southern Baked Beans

Grandma's Real Southern Baked Beans is down home southern cooking at it's best - made with ingredients like bacon, roasted red pepper, molasses, brown sugar, and cider vinegar - this recipe will stay at the top of your list of favorites! They are even better when made ahead!