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General formula sheet helpful for students of physics (statistical mechanicals, electrostatics, quantum mechanics, and motion), general chemistry, physical chemistry and physical analysis.


Solved Problems in Quantum and Statistical Mechanics (Paperback)


Statistical Mechanics of Complex Networks (Hardcover)


An Introduction to Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics (Paperback)

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Mathematical Foundations of Statistical Mechanics

Mathematical Foundations of Statistical Mechanics by A. Ya. Khinchin Phase space, ergodic problems, central limit theorem, dispersion and distribution of sum functions. Chapters include Geometry and Kinematics of the Phase Space; Reduction to the Problem of the Theory of Probability; and more.

The Business of Gamification  Link on Game Mechanics:
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Using Gamification to Engage Your Audience [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Lectures on Fluid Mechanics

Lectures on Fluid Mechanics by Marvin Shinbrot A readable and user-friendly introduction to fluid mechanics, this high-level text is geared toward advanced undergraduates and graduate students. Mathematicians, physicists, and engineers will also benefit from this lucid treatment.The book begins with a derivation of the equations of fluid motion from statistical mechanics, followed by examinations of the classical theory and a portion of the modern mathematical theory of...


Ludwig Eduard Boltzmann (1844 – 1906) was an Austrian physicist and philosopher whose greatest achievement was in the development of statistical mechanics, which explains and predicts how the properties of atoms (such as mass, charge, and structure) determine the physical properties of matter (such as viscosity, thermal conductivity, and diffusion).