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BlueWater AssaultLine Static Rope 150 Feet

BlueWater AssaultLine Static Rope 150 Feet - Botach


Tifosi Core Wrap Sunglasses Tifosi Core Wrap Sunglasses The New England KMIII Static Rope is an exceptional static rope for rappelling, wall development, caving, rescue, fixed-rope applications, hauling and life-safety application. This is one of the most durable static ropes available, with the handling and knotability you expect from New England Ropes.The unique polyester sheath differentiates KM-III from other static ropes and is balanced with a nylon core to limit rotation, boun..

An 11mm static rope can be used to combine components in the terrain that may be far apart from each other.

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PMI E-Z Bend Sport Static Rope - 11mm x 46m

Pmi E-Z Bend Sport Static Rope - 11Mm X 46M

Double safety line system for an 8m rig including 2 x 1 tonne rated rated pulley blocks (one a double and one a single), 12mm black static rope and two carabiners, is only for $560 #Double #safety #line #system #carabiners

Bluewater Assaultline Static Rope - 7/16" X 150'


TEUFELBERGER – Together in Motion. Hơn 225 năm thành công trên toàn cầu chuyên về phát triển và sản xuất dây thép và dây thừng sợi tổng hợp, Dây leo núi Dynamic, dây leo nhà cao tầng, dây Static Ropes, dây thoát hiểm cứu hộ

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How to Climb Trees With Ropes and Harnesses

Tree climbers use "static" ropes, which lack the stretchiness of "dynamic" ropes used to arrest falls in rock climbing. This Yale Poison Ivy rope is 11.7 mm in diameter and has a rated tensile strength of 6500 pounds. The Blake's Hitch seen in this photo is the central friction hitch in tree climbing. The hitch can move up and down the rope, but if the climber simply lets go, the hitch locks in place.

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PMI E-Z Bend Sport 11mm Static Rope

PMI E-Z Bend Sport 11mm Static Rope. 50 ft piece for top rope anchor building.

Military SWAT / Ranger Rappelling Rope 200 FT top quality static rope for rappelling and rescue, exceeds OSHA, ANSI and NFPA standards, high tensile strength nylon core, braided polysheath for resistance to heat, chemicals and abrasion, issued to G.I. and civilian rescue and tactical teams, US made, 7/16" diameter, 200 feet long, 7200 lb. test.