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Military SWAT / Ranger Rappelling Rope 200 FT top quality static rope for rappelling and rescue, exceeds OSHA, ANSI and NFPA standards, high tensile strength nylon core, braided polysheath for resistance to heat, chemicals and abrasion, issued to G.I. and civilian rescue and tactical teams, US made, 7/16" diameter, 200 feet long, 7200 lb. test.


Singing Rock Static Rope Lanyard "V" 25/65Cm 10/30In - Safety Lanyard Designed

TEUFELBERGER – Together in Motion. Hơn 225 năm thành công trên toàn cầu chuyên về phát triển và sản xuất dây thép và dây thừng sợi tổng hợp, Dây leo núi Dynamic, dây leo nhà cao tầng, dây Static Ropes, dây thoát hiểm cứu hộ

Ropes are not all the same. Static ropes have minimal stretching and are used for tying, and hauling. Dynamic ropes are used for climbing and stretch more to withstand falls. The weak spot in most ropes is the knot. Angles, kinks, and knots, stress the fibers unevenly and weaken rope. Some knots weaken some rope to as little as 40% of its rated strength.


LUOOV 10M(32ft) 20M(64ft) 30M (98ft) 50M (160ft) Climbing Rope,Rock Climbing Rope,Static Rope,Diameter Cli Outdoor Rock Abseiling Rope Climbing Cord Equipment Portable Life Utility Fire Safety Escape -3/8 Inch 32foot 10m 64foot 20m 96foot 30m 50m 160foot Climbing Rope (Barcode EAN = 0713243928498).


E-Z Bend Sport Static Rope - 11mm x 46m

Practical tips for building rope bridges Reinforce the attachment points at each end to ensure they can easily take the tension in the cable. Unless you are going to take the bridge down each year for adjustment, use eye bolts instead of straps/ropes around branches to avoid tree damage. Use a backup cable for each hand and deck cable in case of unexpected failure. Climbing rope is a high strength cable material, but must be of the non-elastic kind, sometimes called a 'static' rope. If…

is a short form for two acrobats on two ropes dedicated to the poetry of the lifting movement on static rope and cloud swing.