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State Space Representation

El highline es un parque muy largo en Nueva York. El parque es un reconversión de un vía de tren. En el highline prefiero caminar y a veces tomar fotos de la vista impresionante. El highline es importante porque es histórico y moderno y una país muy bonita y único. Es uno de mis países favoritos en el ciudad.


As a symbol, Høyblokka exists in a state of narrative limbo. It is without question part of a story, but it is one which is not yet known. Its meaning will be determined by what happens next. It would be easy to fill Høyblokka with guarded offices and locked doors – as easy as it would be unacceptable.


Current state and proposal for "Ramon y Cajal" Street, Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Barcelona. #URBANing #PublicSpace #Architecture


Lena Levin's oil paintings linger at the edge between immediate and specific visual impressions and abstraction, between synthesis and analysis. Each painting is faithful to the reality of the moment, and yet none is realistic in the usual sense of the word; Her work explores the space between the supposed "reality" of the actual visual impression and the reality of its painted representation where the emotional state of the viewer is hidden.