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Simple Aperture Settings Chart to Keep Everyone in Focus - Understanding Aperture in 3 Quick & Easy Steps!

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I found a perfect (and cheap) way to make an awesome printing cart for a table top screen printing press.

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this is a damn good video. shows how you could do it the "grunge" way i suppose and the professional way. i want to learn how to do this - there's so many things i want to put on clothes when i make my line.

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Are you interested to know how to become a screen printer? Look no further. We've got the expert advice and information needed to start the process.

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<><> Now I really wanna see this movie. XD

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That is literally what I did when watching Rogue One. << No I forgot he was making a cameo in the movie so the first time I saw him I started flipping out and trying not to slap my dad so I knew he was paying attention, and then afterwards I'd get this stupid grin on my face every time he was onscreen.

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It’s okay. It’s not okay. No… but it is what it is.

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Incoming call.

"I need you to break the TV." "What?" "I need you to break the TV. Hurry. We don't have much time." "I will not! If this is you, Mel, I'm gonna kill you, tomorrow." But I knew better. The character on the screen was looking at me, exasperated but anxious. Their mouth matched word-for-word. "I'm still waiting."

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The new Start Screen gives you an at-a-glance view of all your favorite apps and the familiar Start Menu you love is back! This is the Windows you know, only better. #Microsoft #Windows10

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How To Put Your Designs On Tshirts For Fulfillment and Dropshipping

Dropshipping fulfillment and on-demand t-shirt printing services help you create a passive income by putting your designs and art on shirts. Learn how to find dropshippers and printers here:

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How to Screen Print!Silkscreening at Home

Learn how to make screen prints - Create dozens of art prints or gift cards from the same image. Or, screen images on to fabrics for fashion or craft projects.

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should I start a board for my art? pls comment!

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IT WAS STRESSFUL<-- IT WAS! It was so stressful even though I've seen A New Hope like a thousand times and obviously they plans got to the rebellion but that was so stinking stressful!!!!!!!

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How to Get Kids to Listen, Limit Electronics, and Get Ungrounded

How to Get Kids to Listen Using the Penny Method - Use this DIY behavior chart and method to create more structure in life at home! You're guaranteed to yell less, limit screen time for your kids, and help them get ungrounded if they do misbehave! Full tutorial and video on the blog. Thrift Diving

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How To Start A T Shirt Transfer Printing Business From Home - Learn how to generate an income by running your own t shirt transfer printing business working from home. - $39

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30 minute technology tickets and rules (I personally think 7 hours a week is a lot so would probably revamp that when our kids start watching TV someday)

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Need to start thinking of eLearning as more WEB than POWERPOINT. Love the use of grid layout here and the side nav - something to consider.

Need to start thinking of eLearning as more WEB than POWERPOINT. Love the use of grid layout here and the side nav - something to consider.

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Hack This Secret-Menu Cocktail From Disneyland's California Adventure

Did you know that Disneyland has a secret cocktail menu? Well, California Adventure does, at least. While Disneyland's only bar on the premises is the famously exclusive Club 33, California Adventure brings in the fun with six bars, including a secret one of its own, and an impressive menu of fun cocktails, including this off-the-record one called Mickey's Funwheel! It's the perfect concoction to sip while cooling off from a long day in the sun while waiting for the World of Color show to…

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Infographic: John August's 11-Step Guide to Writing a Scene

John August's Guide to Writing a Scene - This advice is for screenwriters but still offers insight for novelists. These tips could also apply when writing a creative piece for the diploma exam (PRTT).

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No you don't understand, I literally did that

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