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Electromagnetic pulse concept.- In July 1962, a 1.44 megaton (6.0 PJ) United States nuclear test in space, 400 kilometres (250 mi) above the mid-Pacific Ocean, called the "Starfish Prime" test, demonstrated to nuclear scientists that the magnitude and effects of electromagnetic pulse (EMP), produced by high altitude nuclear explosion were much larger than had been previously calculated. "Starfish Prime" also made those effects known to the public by causing electrical damage in Hawaii…

picture of the starfish nuclear explosion | The 50th anniversary of Starfish Prime: the nuke that shook the world


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Operation Dominic Starfish-Prime nuclear test from plane.jpg


Starfish Prime, Giclée print from digital image by Jeff Iverson | Artfinder


A Very Scary Light Show: Exploding H-Bombs In Space

Exploding A Nuclear Bomb In The Sky Creates An Interesting Phenomenon In during the depths of the Cold War, the U.S. military exploded a nuclear weapon high above an atoll in the Pacific Ocean. Dubbed Operation Starfish, this exercise was pa


On July 9, 1962 the United States detonated a nuclear weapon high above the Pacific Ocean. Designated Starfish Prime, it was part of a dangerous series of high-altitude nuclear bomb tests at the height of the Cold War. Its immediate effects were felt for thousands of kilometers, but it would also have a far-reaching aftermath that still touches us today.


Starfish Prime (Ilustração) by André Lacerda, via Behance


Why did the US and Russia fire nuclear warheads straight up into the air for several years...All of the warheads hit a barrier and exploded... List of high-altitude nuclear explosions by Russian and the US The debris fireball and aurora created by the Starfish Prime test, as seen from a KC-135 aircraft at 3 minutes.

After the nuclear EMP was discovered in 1962 (US Starfish Prime Experiment) people have been searching for all kind of methods of protection (against electromagnetic pulses). One of the solutions we