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A Decade Without 'Trek,' Part 1: These Were the Voyages...

~ Star Trek: Enterprise. By far, one of my favorite series of which I enjoyed thoroughly played by the cast. ~

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Scenes between Trip and T’Pol on Star Trek: Enterprise were always one of the highlights of the episodes for me personally. I love these two. :)

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"T'Pol and Captain Archer" I like that she wasn't blonde and ditzy in this show. Maybe that's why it got cancelled... :(

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SUB COMMANDER T'POL (JOLENE BLALOCK) STAR TREK ENTERPRIZE - Classic Uniform from the BEST episode EVER, "In a Mirror, Darkly"

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Mirror Universe Phlox (canon character) (John Billingsley) "Would you kindly die?!" Best quote of that episode xD

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