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"Without a son of Winterfell to stand beside me, I can only hope to win the north by battle. That requires stealing a leaf from my brother's book. Not that Robert ever read one." - Lord Stannis

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Stannis Baratheon at Dragonstone - Dragonstone is the castle that stands upon the eponymous island located in Blackwater Bay. It is the ancestral seat of House Targaryen and the current stronghold of a cadet branch of House Baratheon. The entire castle is dominated by dragon motifs and reliefs.

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Another reason to love this guy

I thought this was cute. ^^ And then I remembered... This is Game of Thrones, and in the end, everything always looks creepy as hell.

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So nice of them to give us loving scenes with Stannis and Shireen, BEFORE HE FUCKING BURNS HER ALIVE!!!

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Shireen Baratheon is the daughter and only child of Lord Stannis Baratheon and Lady Selyse Florent. Shireen is regarded as a sweet child, but she is not considered very pretty. She has blue eyes, but inherited both her father's square, jutting jaw and her mother's large ears. The greyscale caused half of her left cheek and most of her neck to be covered in gray and black dead skin. She is nine years old.

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He had it coming. He had it coming. He only had himself to blame. If you'd had been there. If you'd had seen it. I betcha you would've done the same.

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Hahahaha por razones como esta Stanis quema a las personas jajajajajajaja

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