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Here you'll learn how to represent the standard deviation of a normal distribution on a bell curve. Then you'll use the Empirical Rule to solve normal distribution problems. #Math #Empirical Rule #CK-12

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Normal Distributions Station Activity: 10 stations! (with z-scores)

This activity consists of 10 stations. Each station gives a data set (in words) that is normally distributed and gives the mean and standard deviation of that data set. Students are then asked at least 3 questions about that data set that involve finding the z-score and using a z-score table.

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Use of Standard Deviation in Business – How to calculate Standard Deviation using Microsoft Excel

Here, I describe how to calculate standard deviation manually & by using Microsoft Office Excel. More, I speak about the benefits of using this formula in business life & how to use it.

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How to Calculate Standard Deviation

How to do Standard Deviation manually in six straightforward steps, includes a step by step of how to do this using Excel, with screenshots and a link to a sample Excel sheet.