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The most collected and possibly most controversial postage stamp ever issued by the US Postal Service is its Elvis Presley stamp. The USPS printed...

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world's rarest stamps stamps | selling a rare postage stamp and collecting stamps is the world s ...

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Looking for ideas for what to do with that rather large stamp collection from when I was 10. Some gorgeous stamps in there that I hate to get rid of. I think this would be cool.

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Rare Stamps Worth Money | Stamp Valuation | Most Valuable | Stamp Collecting Tips

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Philately Most Valuable Stamps | Stamps (Philately): Asking for stamps values, postal stamps, pictures ..

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Take favorite stamps from collection and enlarge at Kinko's on thicker, linen paper and frame.

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Wow, thanks original dad had many of these books around as he was an avid stamp collector when I was a child. I used to be so fascinated by all the pretty stamps. Great memory.

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Postage stamp silhouettes: Fairly certain I was signed up for a mail order stamp collection at my Dad's... If yes, this might be a good way to go with them. (Now, as for the mail order quarter collection...)

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