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"A Stag's breath ~ clearly seen ~ when the weather is cold and mean!" A Quote: "Sometimes it's the same moments that take our breath away; that breathe purpose and love back into our life..."

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World Record SCI Red Stag Deer taken Spey Creek Trophy Hunting New Zealand John and Wyatt McBride

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White Stag/ Deer/ Elk... The Native Americans believed the occurance of a white animal was a huge sign of prophecy – a sign from the great spirit that a major shift in their world was to come. Usually, white animals were seen during soul-quests, or vision-quests. When white occurs in the animal realm it is a message of higher thoughts, higher ideals, purity of soul, cleansing of spirit and attaining higher knowledge.

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Wonderful Albino --in Michigan we had a Albino doe we protect her have a a fawn for 3-4 years! Then a hunter kitted her!

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"The stag at eve had drunk his fill, Where danced the moon on Monan's rill," - Canto I, st. 1; Sir Walter Scott Photo: George Wheelhouse More

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