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How to Turn Your Staff Meetings Into a Sharing, Mentoring and Training Session

As I finished up my weekly staff meeting today, I realized how far I have come with leading staff meetings. My first staff meeting was held in the spring of 2003 and I thought the purpose of a staf...


A Staff Training Exercise That Helps Counselors Appreciate Other Roles at Camp and See the Big Picture | Go Camp Pro


A Mind Map, created in PowerPoint, that works as a poster or as a mini presentation that could be used as part of staff training or to build awareness. This list of difficulties is not exhaustive but is a flavour of some of the issues that can affect students with dyslexia,


3 More Reasons to use a Zoning Plan in Your Classroom

Working with paraprofessionals in the special education classroom can be tough. Here are 3 great tips to use a written staff plan in your classroom for training staff and helping the classroom run smoothly.


12 Things You Should Say During Your Staff Training - Camp Code #1

Summer camp marketing, leadership training and management. Camp social media services available.