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Welcome back to school. Who's ready for meetings that have nothing to do with you but you have to go anyway?

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When my supervisor shows up randomly and i have to follow her around like a pet and answer all her 101 questions and dumb suggestions on how to bring in more $

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Funny Pictures Of The Day - 32 Pics

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Let's have a staff meeting and discuss the things that must happen but will never actually end up happening. #butthatsnoneofmybuisinesstho

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How to Improve Productivity - How about if we skip these meetings and start doing some work? [Comic] More office & social media humor @Susanna Conway

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Funny Workplace Ecard: What exactly is your point, and when the fuck will you be getting to it?

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Funny Workplace Ecard: Let me file your new work rules under B for Bullshit!

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Funny Workplace Ecard: Thank you for voicing that terrible idea and making this meeting last even longer.

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Funny Workplace Ecard: We could get through this lame meeting a lot faster if you would shut the hell up.

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We really need some coffee for this meeting. And by 'coffee' I mean 'alcohol'.

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That's the Way We Have Always Done It- The Most Dangerous Words in the School System

"That's the way it has always been done." "We've always done it this way."  These are the most dangerous phrases we could use in the workpla...

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Ms. Rose's Meme!

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When I die, I hope it is at a faculty meeting or teacher inservice because the transition from life to death would be so subtle.

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teacher humor. true story yo... I'm laughing at the thought of cats being herded. That shit just doesn't happen.

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