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Stacey Eastenders

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EastEnders fans say Lacey Turner's take on mentally ill Stacey is 'Oscar worthy'

The Walford favourite, who suffers from bi-polar, broke down in this evening's tear-jerking double episode special


Eastenders Martin & Stacey Fowler

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How Charities Helped Shape 'EastEnders' Postpartum Psychosis Storyline

'EastEnders' Postpartum Psychosis Storyline: How Charities Worked With Scriptwriters To Sensitively Portray Illness


Eastenders: Stacey (Lacey Turner) was hiding a terrible secret from husband-to-be Bradley (Charlie Clements); she'd been having an affair with his father. Bradley and Stacey's marriage was doomed from the start but many fans still hoped for a happy ending.