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This might be cute if we re-worked a bit? A big book of "this is me," "this is my school," "this is my neighborhood," "this is my city," state-- country-- world-- solar system?! For older kids, obvi.


Mcmenamins soaking pool is a must. A warm soak in soft non-chlorinated salt water for $5 a person. The open ceiling is amazing for star gazing or having big fluffy snowflakes drizzling down into the pool. Hit this spot after the Mcmenamins dinner and movie for an amazing date!


A series of six books St. Clares, a boarding school, and follows the antics of Patricia "Pat" and Isabel O'Sullivan from their first year at St. Clare's on. Other characters include Alison O'Sullivan (the twins' cousin), Hilary Wentworth, Carlotta Brown (an ex-circus girl), Janet Robins, Doris Elward, Claudine, Antoinette and Roberta 'Bobby' Ellis. ~ The Twins at St. Clares ~ Enid Blyton