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Boudicca and Celts. Historical artwork of Queen Boudicca and Celtic Iceni men. The Celtic Iceni were a tribe that inhabited the area of England now known as Norfolk from the 1st century BC to the 1st century AD. Despite being invaded by the Romans they were allowed to keep their independence until the death of King Prasutagus, Boudicca's husband, in 61 BC. He bequeathed his kingdom jointly to the Emperor and his daughters, which angered Rome who seized his entire estate. Boudicca lead the…


St. Julia was a noble virgin of Carthage, who was captured and sold as a slave to a pagan merchant named Eusebius. When she refused to offer sacrifice to pagan gods, the pagan ruler, in great anger, had her struck on the face and her hair torn from her head. She was next put on a cross to hang ...

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Fiery Wall of Protection Oil - Strong protection-Archangel-St Michael-Hoodoo-Spiritual-Wicca-Pagan-Magic-Condition oil

Cooling Anger oil - Spiritual - Folk magic - Witchcraft - Pagan - Wicca

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Fondos de pantalla (wallpapers) de bandas de Metal!