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Ciro Immobile has no regrets over tough Borussia Dortmund spell

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Scenes from Homer's 'The Iliad' in ancient art

Achilles attacks from the left, wearing shinguards, a helmet, and carrying a hoplite shield, sword, and spear. The bearded Hector is similarly armed (but without shinguards). He has already been wounded in the left thigh and in the chest and is about to go down. Blood flows from the wounds. Athena (half-visible) stands behind Achilles wearing the goatskin fetish as a cape. Athenian red-figure wine-mixing bowl by the Berlin Painter, c. 490–460 bc. Found at Cerveteri, Lazio, Italy.

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The Colosseum, Rome, Italy.

Known as the " Flavian Amphitheater" it came to be called the Colosseo because it stood on the site of the colossus of Nero, a 115 ft. tall gilded bronze statue of the emperor that once towered there.

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SSC Napoli v SS Lazio - Serie A

Ciro Immobile of SS Lazio before the Serie A match between SSC Napoli and SS Lazio at Stadio San Paolo on November 5, 2016 in Naples, Italy.