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A comprehensive map of Sri Lanka’s road systems, historical and religious sites, forests and Wildlife sanctuaries, harbors and diving sites, a guide to explore the country, find your way around or guide to simply to get lost amidst the splendor and beauty of the country.


The Sri Lanka Blue Magpie or Ceylon Magpie (Urocissa ornata), a member of the crow family, is endemic to the hill forests of Sri Lanka. (Photo © Christoph Moning)


Sri Lanka Capital: Colombo Official Language: Sinhalese, Tamil Government: Republic Currency: Sri Lankan Rupee Driving: left Religion: Buddhism, Hinduism Flag: -lion: ethnicity, bravery -bo leaves: Buddhism -orange: Tamil -green: Islam -yellow border: harmony of cultures -marron: majority of Sinhalese people

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World`s Most Beautiful Train Trip? Sri Lanka Train Travel -NerdNomads

Train travel in Sri Lanka is both a beautiful and affordable way to see the country, and no trip is more scenic than taking the train from Ella to Kandy. It might even be the world`s most beautiful train trip?

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Travel Advice: Don't Let Your Fear Stop You From Travelling (& Bonus PDF