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Pen Voice Recorder and MP3 Player

Take Notes, Use As Flash Drive Or MP3 Player And Record 128 Hours Of Everything


Secret Agent, Patrick McGoohan - I have this DVD! Love Patrick McGoohan as spy John Drake, and love the theme song. *singing* "secret agent man. Secret agent man..."


Norman Mailer began his novel Barbary Shore, there was no plan to have a Russian spy as a character. As he worked on it, he introduced a Russian spy in the U.S. as a minor character. As the work progressed, the spy became the dominant character in the novel. After the novel was completed, the U.S. Immigration Service arrested a man who lived just one floor above Mailer in the same apartment building. He was Colonel Rudolf Abel, alleged to be the top Russian spy working in the U.S. at that…

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These Egyptian figures see what Edward's up to at the British Museum but won't tell at Read Key to Lawrence, 1934 Plot, and Map Plot (coming soon!) as well as HItler's Spy. Follow the Edward Ware Thrillers Board at