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How to Build a PVC Sprinkler for your Vegetable Garden There are a variety of options when it comes to making sure your garden is properly hydrated. Here is a cool idea from Home Spun Threads using nothing more than PVC and a little creativity to water your vegetable garden beds. The best part of using PVC to create a sprinkler system for your vegetable garden, is that you can really customize it anyway you want.

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How to Install Irrigation Valves: Part 1 of the Sprinkler System

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All About Sprinklers

How to pick the best sprinkler for your landscape, plus tips for proper watering. | Photo: Eric Piasecki |

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Important Fire Sprinkler System Parts Explained

Knowing exactly how your fire sprinkler works is an important part of keeping your employees and business premises safe. As with any fire protection components, there are several intricate parts needed to create a safe and reliable fire protection system.

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How to Use a Multimeter

Troubleshoot just about any type of electrical wiring or device using a multimeter. This helpful tool will tell if you have a broken connection, no power, poor connections, faulty parts and more.