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DIY soaker hose - great way to use those old leaking hoses instead of throwing them away. Also probably more sturdy & less likely to dig/cut through these than the "real" soaker hoses!


This is such a great idea, and it works very well! I fill this bag up once a week (it drains overnight and is usually low or empty the next day) and it waters slowly, so the water gets into the soil deep, rather than just running off (as it did when I tried to use a sprinkler to water the tree). It's easy to fill (just shove a hose in the red filler hole), and I have had no problems with the emitters (there are two of them on the underside) getting clogged or anything.....


~The whole system only took about 30 minutes to install. I had never dealt with any plumbing at all before and it was extremely easy. The snap nozzle at the end of the hose is great and quick if I need to use the other end of the hose for something else. It's great!~

from Martha Stewart

Bucket Hose Storage

DIY: bucket hose storage / garage organization. like the galvanized pail better than the plastic one in the other pic


Great idea! Outdoor faucet and hose are by my front door. To disguise them, I bought a small cabinet, painted it to match the house, and cut out the back panel. I placed the cabinet so that the spigot was in the back of the cabinet. The hose, attached to the faucet, sits inside, out of sight behind the closed doors. When I need to use the hose, I just pull out the hose and turn on the faucet. I can also store my sprinkler in the cabinet so that it’s close at hand when I need it.

from Two Twenty One

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This would be a great way to make your own sprinkler system for cheap! I looooove it! All you have to do is make your frame out of PVC pipe, drill small holes in it, along the entire frame, then add a hose.