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Processing Raw Fleece

Processing Raw Fleece | Crafty Katie

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How To Spin Yarn With A Spinning Wheel

Learn how to spin yarn with a spinning wheel with this easy picture tutorial.

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3 Steps to Preparing Fiber for Spinning

3 ways to prepare fiber for spinning - via Craftsy

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30 Amazing Plants From Your Garden To Use As Dye

30dyeplants More

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The Joy of Handspinning � Hand spinning wool into yarn with a spinning wheel or drop spindle � Parts of the Spinning Wheel

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How to spin wool into yarn. step by step, pictures too. by Pam Blasko

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Carding Wool

Carding Raw Wool | A Picture Tutorial. #carding #wool

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She explains the spinning process and techniques, including preparation of fleeces, worsted and woollen spinning methods, plying, adjusting tension, treadling, skeining, drafting and blending as well as helpful advice about spinning wheels and how they work. A wide range of fibres suitable for spinning are featured - wool, alpaca, silk, mohair, ...

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A Lesson in Spinning Wool Into Yarn

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Making Heathered Spinning Fiber - YouTube

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