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Make a statement in this extreme metal spiked shoulder piece from Jade and John. This piece speaks for itself. Three different sized brass aluminium spikes tower up from the boned leather base. 2" spikes are brass, 3" and 4" spikes are aluminium. Leather base is a tan colour - pinned by ~ unleash your inner RokStar - fashion, pop and mental health

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13 Cool Bow Ties

I'll find some great architecture where everyone can be exposed. I'll find some great animals that never forget.   I'll find something that stings in a good way. I'll find a new attitude and some balance.   I'll find someone like you..

Suffer For Fashion Spiked Heels. I don't know who makes these but I want them. Id stare at them in my closet and never wear them.

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Dress: wednesday addams, goth, black dress, grunge, dark, collar, make-up, dark lipstick - Wheretoget

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Spike Ear Cuff Wrap - Cuff Chain Earrings - Ear Cuff Spike - Contemporaray Jewelry - Punk Jewelry - Brass Jewelry - Victorian Gothic

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