Let's face it we were either Spider-Man or Ant-Man watching this movie. We all smiled when we relized Clint and Nat are always friends no matter what.

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Perfect Casting. People who've seen Civil War are praising Tom Holland. I have seen it and he is my favorite ♡

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Peter Parker. I really liked this one. People need to stop saying he was too young. He was perfect.

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Wait what.... I thought the ending was going to be "We're all unified by the fact that our heroes will always be our heroes"

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Ouch! << Okay so can I please talk about how upset I still am about the fact that Peter is team Iron Man in the movie??? Like whhyyyy???? I'm happy about some of the changes that they made for the movie (they didn't kill Steve which was WONDERFUL and a very pleasant surprise) but couldn't they have put Spidey on the right team??? Okay. I'm done now. Sorry.

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Spider-man overload | i can't wait for Spider-man Homecoming next year (2017)!!

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