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Spherical Harmonics, A Surreal Experimental Computer Animation

Spherical Harmonics. Spherical Harmonics is about the strange power of the CGI image. It is a hermetically sealed fantasy, full of digitally...


A 3D model of Johannes Kepler's diagram of the inner planets, first published in his Mysterium Cosmographicum of 1596. At that time six planets were known, and the hypothesis that their orbits were spherical shells nested between the five Platonic solids seemed as reasonable as string theory does now. This model shows polyhedra corresponding to the inner planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars.


Spherical Harmonics: , ,


Musica Universalis or Harmony of the Spheres Musica universalis (or music of the spheres) is an ancient philosophical concept that regards proportions in the movements of celestial bodies of the sun and planets as a form of musica (the Medieval Latin name for music). This 'music' is not literally audible, but a harmonic and/or mathematical relationship between our star and it's satellites. (© Paul Marsden. All rights reserved


GN quartz composer test spherical harmonics customized patch

GN quartz composer test spherical harmonics customized patch by gnomalab. Quartz composer test spherical harmonics customized patch.