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Our deep conversations paired with silly ones. Deep belly laughs. To quote you " I've dated three women and I can tell you... what we have is like no other". Now i feel like you're settling. You accused me of "needing companionship". And can't be on own. Bullshit. Pot calling kettle black.

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because each person that I come across is actually my own projection of some asset or liability within me.

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M...when you told me you wanted me forever, I guess you didn't meant it! I was special you said...guess not. I was so upset when I saw you today...ruined my whole dsy!!! Wanted to tell you to F off but I still love you despite all the things you've done .

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Sometimes You Just Have To Throw On Your Crown And Remind Them Who They Are Dealing With funny quotes quote marilyn monroe lol marilyn monroe quotes funny quote funny quotes funny sayings humor instagram quotes

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Make a Wish, 11:11, Wish, Black and White, Wall Art, Home Decor, Time

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This goes for friendship as well. Finding a friend who cares enough to listen to you ramble about everything and anything (and are comfortable enough around you to open up as well) is one of the hardest, yet most beautiful things you can find. Don't stop looking for that person.

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