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Speakeasy Test

Copper Top London - demonstrates the wonderful paradox that shabby can definitely also be chic... We can go with cement floors if we aren't able to use brick in our bar

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MBTI Described With One Positive and One Negative

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This is funny because I'm and INFJ and my brother is an ESTJ and this is so true

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MBTI as common phrases

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INFJ - Literally did sit there growing up...hahaha

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Hidden Sides of MBTI Types: ENFP - "They may be extraverts, but they are often not outgoing because their Fi compels them not to over-extend themselves emotionally. Their extraversion manifests more in exploration of various interests and gathering information from outside the self, interpreting it in terms of the connections between different pieces of information."

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Egon SchieleI feel like I 'discovered' Egon Shiele myself while in the Czech republic. I had no idea which era he had come from and had no idea he was already world famous. I fell in love with his work - his simple contours

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