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This image from a NASA space shuttle mission shows the International Space Station in orbit. The space station is the size of a football field and home to six astronauts. Image taken: Feb. 10, 2010.


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Ammonia leak locator heads to International Space Station

Ammonia leak locator heads to International Space Station -- ScienceDaily

Hz #8 - "Floating Points: Locative Media, Perspective and the International Space Station"

HOW TO SPOT THE SPACE STATION Photograph of the International Space Station taken from the space shuttle Endeavour on May 30, 2011. Image Credit: NASA.

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Picture of the Day: A Gorgeous View of a Stellar Nursery

The Aurora Borealis From Space Solar storms in late January have resulted in particularly dramatic northern lights recently, as captured in the above photograph taken by the astronauts on board the International Space Station. At the time, the space station was located over south-central Nebraska.


The lift off, from the Baikonur Cosmodrome, of the Soyuz T-6 Russian spacecraft into orbit to join the space station 'Salyut 7'. | Location: Baikonour, USSR.

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When the International Space Station Passes Over Your House, NASA Will Send You a Text Message

This composite of 70 exposures shows the trail of the ISS (with gaps between exposures) as it moved left to right over the city of Tübingen in southern Germany on February As seen from Tübingen, the passage took about 4 minutes. (Till Credner via NASA)


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