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Spacegoing Earth: a painting by Angus McKie conceptart concept photography sketches scifi steampunk steam punk purse fashion yolo bonetech3d cgi landscapes scenery digital anime mech enviroment character concepts

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NASA Cuts ISS Live Feed As 'UFO' Appears: A strange grey UFO has caused a stir in the conspiracy community after NASA caught the object on its live feed camera and then promptly cut the feed as soon as it appeared. The object is seen coming over the horizon and then disappearing just moments later as NASA cuts the feed and switches to another of the cameras. The event took place on 15 January 2015.(click link for full story)

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Simply Fabulous Living « A refreshingly simple and beautiful approach to managing life and home Simply Fabulous Living

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Interns participating in the NASA Ames Academy will get a comprehensive overview of the U.S. Space Program by learning how space priorities are set and contributing to the success of the aerospace program. Additionally students will gain a network of NASA Academy Alumni and many students end up working for NASA or in related industries soon after completing the program.

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20 Command Center Ideas to Inspire

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You are not watching a live feed from space

Misleading "live" video from the International Space Station stuns the internet. / NASA suggests that anyone who wants to see video from space should have a look at their official Facebook or Twitter page, or that of the ISS. You may also be interested to know that there is a real live video feed from the International Space Station that you can view here.

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Live Streaming from Space

NASA is live streaming from space! You can see Earth From Space in a LIVE Feed with Incredible International Space Station live streams!

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Did NASA cut their ISS live cam after a horseshoe UFO appeared on the feed?

'Horseshoe' UFO spotted just before International Space Station live feed is cut

International Space Station Live Video Feed Cut "As Unknown Object Slows Down" --Triggers Viral UFO Speculation, NASA Denial