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Southwestern Dog Gates

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-cool pull out child/dog gate- Donald Lococo Architects | Classic | Arts and Crafts Tree House


Victory: Angel's Gate Dissolved

Article. 1/28/2013. Victory: Angel's Gate Permanently Closed! Written by Jeff Mackey 1 hour ago Update: Great news! The hellhole formerly known as "Angel's Gate, Inc.," has been shut down for good! The lawsuit's settlement prohibits Angel's Gate founder Susan Marino from caring for or harboring any animals other than her own “pets” and from being an officer or a director of an organization that holds charitable funds for 10 years.


In the ancient city of Hierapolis in southwestern Turkey, a marble statue depicting the three-headed dog Cerberus has been unearthed at "Pluto's Gate," a thermal springs that in ancient times was believed to be an entrance to the underworld.