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Southern Women Sayings

Nothing like southern women. As a Yankee wannabe southern belle it may take me more like 3.5 sec after everyone gets over my Chicago accent

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A true Southern Woman has the ability to cut you down and get her way, with a smile on her face and dripping her words with sugar.

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I have heard these lovely sayings all my life and have to give credit to Meemaw Donna for posting this made my day.

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I've heard this saying my whole life....this refers to a "trashy girl" here in the South, ie, one who has "been around the block" a time or twenty! I just happen to know a few women this decribes to a tee!

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For more Cute n' Country visit: and

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This is what keeps family reunions fun - no alcohol required, just let loose the relatives and watch what happens...

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Haha!! Steel of my favorite movies! This makes me excited about being an old Southern lady

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