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Poster produced for the Southern Railway (SR) to promote ferry services between Southampton,.16


Hythe Pier Train in Hampshire taking us to the Southampton ferry. Description from I searched for this on

Histi Pics on

Mauretania (right) and Olympic (left) in 1935, awaiting their final voyage to the scrapyard.


England, United Kingdom

England, UK: Entering Cowes harbour, Isle of Wight, after a stormy ferry crossing


A section of a Mulberry is still in Southampton water & was used to load the car ferrys

Not sure what this is, but I love the little bit of perspective and how it feels like a scifi movie poster. Also has a stained glass look, in my opinion. Scifi stained glass: nice. I also appreciate how the text is fit right into the design rather than just slapped on top of it.


August 21, 1831

August 21, 1831: Nat Turner begins a slave revolt in Southampton County, Virginia. The two-day insurrection left at least 55 white people dead. Turner hid for several months, but was eventually captured and executed, along with over 50 of his followers; another 200 black people were subsequently murdered by white mobs in the state.