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The Jack Dempsey Cichlids seen in the hobby for the most part (unless wild caught) are farm raised in the USA. They can grow to be 8"-12", aggressive, & territorial. They are carnivorous and can be ferocious eaters.

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Colorful South American Cichlids | ... cichlids are a perfect case for two things why cichlids are a niche

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Uaru fernadezyepezi - ~10" Colombian cichlid related to discus, highly expensive and challenging to keep

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South American Festae. Also known as the 'Red Terror'. Phil used to have a breeding pair.

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Gold Severum (freshwater, South American rivers) -- I have a pair of adult gold sevs in my large aquarium along with other tank mates. The most peaceful of the cichlids. Big beauties.

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Super Green Texas Cichlid | Central American | American Cichlids | Fish | Smiths Aquarium

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