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Mark Harmon is sitting at a table in the vintage Airstream trailer he keeps parked outside the NCIS soundstages, talking about the father-daughter chemistry he’s developing with Cote de Pablo on the show.


The Monkees 1966 outdoor romp (outside and around the Raybert soundstages) that produced the cover of their Daydream Believer single! | Monkees Monthly, June 67.


The technical aspects in The Shining are staggering, with cinematographer John Alcott deftly capturing both the beauty and dread of the hotel's isolation using fluid camerawork and tight, symmetrical shot compositions. The production design is magnificent to say the least; the Overlook's interiors, built on soundstages, flawlessly emanate meticulous textural authenticity in depicting a formidable mountain resort. Furthermore, the soundtrack is superbly nightmarish, loaded with the scariest…


Gilmore Girls: Dragonfly Inn and Stars Hollow

The pilot for “Gilmore Girls” was shot in a small town in Toronto (Historic Unionville). When the show was picked up, they reproduced the look of the interiors from the pilot on soundstages in Burbank, California.


3555 Hayden Studios – “Mobile Friendly” Website 3555 Hayden Studios combines Audience-ready soundstages, advanced HD video control rooms, network origination, worldwide connectivity, and represents a new generation of virtual studios. The Hayden website includes an innovative design that functions seamlessly on the iPad as well as desktop browsers. The site was custom built using jQuery, ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server.

The Lavish Sets of Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby


Peek Inside Disney’s Sound Stages

Disney Soundstages -Captain Hook live-action reference footage Stage 1 was the first stage on the lot intended for recording live-action because, as animation grew in sophistication, so did the possibilities of using film. Animators used live actors caught on film as reference to create more realistic movements for films like “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” and “Dumbo.”


jamesdeandaily: In August of 1955, James Dean gave one of his very few interviews to reporter Mike Connolly. In response to Connolly’s asking whether he lost anything after East of Eden made him famous, Dean was positively angelic. “I fought it for a long time,” he admitted. “But after a while I think I started learning what so many actors have learned - about that certain communicative power we have that so few people are privileged to have. We find that we can reach not only the people…


Houses in movies are often built on soundstages. Twilight’s contemporary Cullen house was built on this Canadian soundstage for the third movie, Eclipse. For the fourth and fifth movies, this same house is currently being totally rebuilt on a Baton Rouge soundstage. This house is a copy of one built in Washington by Jeff Kovel who designed it for Nike Executive John Hoke. The first movie was filmed in the actual house. Hoke was thrilled to lend his house for the movie, even though…


Inside Star Trek: 1968 Description of the Desilu Soundstages During The Filming of The Original Series