"The Art of Cooking Sorghum Syrup" Long cherished in the South, sorghum has recently been rediscovered by progressive chefs across the nation. From MOTHER EARTH NEWS

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This Cinnamon Sorghum Custard Pie recipe is based on one found in a Charleston, SC newspaper. If you have never tried sorghum syrup, I highly recommend seeking some out and then making this pie recipe. Sorghum syrup is amber-colored and complex. It tastes a bit like molasses but without bitterness. It is a flavor like no other, and I think you will love it! | pastrychefonline.com

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Red Holland biscuits. A Christmas tradition in the Wimpee home... 4 cups self-rising flour. 1 stock butter - melted. 2 cups buttermilk. Stir until moist ~ don't squeeze! Dip hands in butter & roll lightly into form. Dip ball in butter & lay in pan. Bake @ 450 x 20 minutes. Best served with butter & Sorghum syrup.

Biscuits are what take us into the kitchen today to cook: fat, flaky mounds of quick bread, golden brown, with a significant crumb Composed of flour, baking powder, fat and a liquid, then baked in a hot oven, they are an excellent sop for sorghum syrup, molasses or honey They are marvelous layered with country ham or smothered in white sausage gravy, with eggs, with grits

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Sorghum Syrup - Sweeteners - Nuts.com ~ SImilar to molasses, but better! Needs no refrigeration.

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