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Sophia of the Palatinate (1630-1714), daughter of Friedrich V of the Palatinate and his wife Elizabeth Stuart. She was married to Ernst August of Hanover and they had 7 children.


Princess Sophia of the Palatinate (1630-1714), daughter of Frederick and Eizabeth, the "Winter King and Queen" of Bohemia. Elizabeth was James I's daughter, and through her, Sophia's son George of Hanover would eventually become George I of Britain. (In fact, had she lived a few months longer, she herself would have been queen.)


Sophia of the Palatinate, Electress of Hanover (Dressed as an Indian) - painted by her sister, Louise Hollandine of the Palatinate - c. 1644

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Princess Augusta Sophia of the United Kingdom November 1768 – 22 September was the second daughter of George III and Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. - Portrait of Princess Augusta aged 13 in 1782 by Thomas Gainsborough


Princess Frederica (5) Of Hanover With Her Mother Princess Sophia Of Hanover Sister Of

Sophia as dowager Electress of Hanover, around the time she was proclaimed heiress presumptive of the British crown.