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"Ode to Sleep" Twenty One Pilots Such a great opening song/lyrics for Vessel

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Top 90 Wedding Songs

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Tackling the Post-Holiday Back-to-School Blues. For many students the winter break is a time for rest, relaxation, and rewards. Some of our students will return to school slowly, dragging their heels. So, how can we get our students back on track and motivated that first day? Here are a few activities I have planned for my students to help them get excited about their return to school.

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*he'd fallen asleep at his desk again, and our teacher was glaring at him, 2 seconds from calling him out.* hey. *i whispered, poking him lightly. He startles awake and grabs his notes. Except.. They aren't notes. I get a second glance at them, and it's pages of sheet music. Music he's been writing.* (open roleplay! Credit to @deirdremarie101)

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This video lasts for about 37 minutes, but is so peaceful and calm. My students request it on a daily basis!

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I love the idea of my class starting the day off by singing this song. It's such a powerful message for young children that so often gets neglected.

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