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Songs About Fathers

My dad would never asked me that, he doesn't really support or talk about my favorite bands......

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How to Choose a Father-Daughter Dance Song (That’s Really About Your Dad)

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I'm talking about Star Wars too but I'm also like... c'mon, guys - can't get much better than a musical about a bunch of founding fathers rapping about a national bank, amiright???

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Gospel music newest sensation from Nairobi Philip Munyao releases new jam 'A Better Kenya that is his first single. The song generally talks about a better country for everyone in the world not only his own country Kenya but also other states. We are now living in a world where the difference between gospel music and secular is becoming slim by the day. There is an unending debate about the gap between industry and ministry most of the mainstream gospel artists are swallowed by the…

In which the Doctor learns about love from his father-in-law. Which is perfect. Because Rory is utterly, absolutely wonderful.

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Green Day, "We're awake everyone shut the hell up" I find this funny.

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Why Are Cats Afraid Of Green Cucumber?

More like before: wait he's on the 10 dollar bill? Why? What did he even do? Was he that important? Same after

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Everything You Need To Know About Song of Songs

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A fuzz pedal. No. A wah-wah pedal. I think he’s been trying to make one for some time, because the Doctor would always rather make his own, but I think the technology of the wah-wah pedal has been eluding him. Peter on what the Doctor would want from Father Christmas (the Guardian)

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