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Omg I totally know this feeling! And it is just SO DAMN EMBARRASSING... Like bitch u need hearing aid ... Get urself some medical attention #audience


Rap Monster || someone i truly understand and appreciate... the ability to have many thoughts at that age fascinates me, and i feel kinda like him in a way. he's like a child, with endless thoughts, yet is the wisest idol i've ever known. he's thinks really deeply about issues and gives valuable advice to armys. he's not just an idol, he's my inspiration and my role model. love u, kim namjoon 💗

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The Seven Demigods Texting- A Percy Jackson Fanfiction - Do u wanna Bro or Sis?!?


The Duchess of Cambridge's many royal patronages - HELLO! CA

Charity: The Art Room Mission: Specifically aimed at youth aged five to 16, The Art Room has eight locations across the U.K. and focuses on improving confidence and self esteem. Many of the people who rely on these services need time away from a regular style of education – often due to learning difficulties like autism. Offering structure, a positive, non-judgemental environment and someone to talk to, The Art Room encourages youngsters to share their problems and make their own decisions…


|| Alright so let's discuss that feeling when you see someone you really like and then even three seconds after they walk away you miss them....