Some people say to me youve changed -

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Some people say they're not sure if they believe in the Law of Attraction. I used to be one of these people. But the belief is only lacking amongst those who say they want something who are dreaming big and wishing and hoping.....but not taking any action. The Universe will align to support you in your desires but its up to you to take decisive action. It needs to know where your focus is. It can't support you if you haven't decided what you want or if you're doing or saying things that…

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Some+people+are+real.+Some+people+are+good.+Some+people+are+fake+and+some+people+are+real+good+at+being+fake. Picture Quotes.

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I love me some Socrates: “Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people.”

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The Highly Sensitive Person They are easily overwhelmed. Because HSPs notice more subtleties in their environment, they can quickly become overwhelmed by too much intensity, chaos and noise. If you are an HSP, you might often feel the need to withdraw into a darkened room or some other quiet sanctuary where you can find relief from overstimulation. They are aware of subtleties that others miss. HSPs process more in a given situation. They also reflect more deeply...

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It's funny where I found this quote posted. On two very judgemental people's walls. Neither have the ability to apologize bc of their pride/egos and neither would ever think they did something wrong because they play the victim so often they don't realize they are playing the perfect part they so condemn. What I judge harshly are people having no problem admitting they judge at all! Deal with yourself and your apathetic ways, your bitterness is showing, ladies.

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