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Haploid vs. Diploid: haploid: gametes & other cells that carry only a single set of chromosomes (n); diploid: zygotes & other cells carrying two matching sets (2n); in humans: 2n = 46, n = 23

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DeLaval Cell Counter DCC offers you a professional tool for mastitis diagnostics. With the DeLaval Cell Counter DCC you can test and monitor the somatic cell count directly on the farm and have the result in under a minute #dairy #milk #cows #mastisis #dairyfarm #dairyfarming

Cows' (calfs') milk is likely to contain the following ingredients: pus (somatic cells), pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, other drugs, aluminum, dioxins, perchlorate ... no wonder there are so many people who are "lactose" intolerant #vegan

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The Beauty of Mitosis ... Finally understood. And even more beautiful when looked at while listening to an orchestra

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How to do wellness visits if you're not going to vaccinate. Page 1 of the MSDS for Thimerosal. Mutagenic for mammalian somatic cells.

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Truth. Super powers have a darkness to them... But when you see things more vividly and beautiful than most people... That's worth it. I'm alive. More alive than most. You gotta take the bad with the amazing.

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The first US dietary guidelines issued in 1980 recommended a reduction in saturated fat intake (found mostly in dairy) which was heavily protested by the dairy industry who sponsored groups to minimize the potential health risks of dairy using studies designed to mislead people into thinking saturated fat intake is not harmful. _ Along with saturated fat dairy products also contain cholesterol transfats endotoxins Neu5Gc choline all of which may raise the risk of inflammation heart disease…