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Roman soldier helmet.. Helmet of salvation :) 1. Cut out template shown with cardboad. 2. Fasten straps with brads 3. Staple strips of red paper along top strap 4. Optional-slit red strips in two and bend to make it look fuller DONE! 5. Let kids paint and decorate!!!

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Roman Soldier soldier helmet made of cardboard. Good idea for youth Easter play. Finish it off with crinkle gauze cloth, paint, and rub and buff.

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How to Make a Kid's Paper Roman Soldier Helmet

How to Make a Roman Soldier Costume. I was planning a special event that called upon 4 stout roman soldiers to carry a beauty queen around on a throne. My budget didn't allow for the rental of 4 adult roman soldier costumes. So this is how I did it.

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Ancient Rome - This activity has kids making printable Roman helmets, completing a coloring sheet, and memorizing a stanza of Horatius at the Bridge by Thomas Babbington. We'll start with the story.

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Roman soldier helmet made out of a spray painted: baseball cap (flipped backwards), cardboard (for the ear flaps and visor), feather boa, styrofoam plate edges (attached to the top part of the baseball cap - you can try paper plates and glue; I used duct tape), embossed vinyl fabric glued to the cardboard visor and ear flaps, and gold fringe. Feel free to embellish further!

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93rd Division - The "Blue Helmets," were Negro Soldiers that fought under the tricolor and in French equipment. Four African-American infantry regiments composed the U.S. Ninety-Third Division (the 369th, 370th, 371st and the 372nd). The 93rd Division shoulder insignia shows on its black background a blue French helmet as a momento of the troops foreign service with the French Army. The 371st Regiment, 93rd Infantry Division at a decoration ceremony in Paris, France. 1918.

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A French soldier eating soup, ca 1915 He’s a 1st class soldier with what appears to be a sapper’s specialist trade badge despite the fact that he wears a regular Adrian Helmet. Photo taken by Jacques Moreau, a professional photographer, mobilized at the age of 27, he produced 2,000 photographic plates in 4 years, on the daily life of the soldiers during the 14-18 War. (Colour and text by Toussaint Bonavita from France)

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Did this today, except in bright blue. Awesome! He got bored though while I cut so do that ahead of time. He liked to staple and spray paint!

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Roman Soldier Helmet, Greek Trojan Hat, INSTANT DOWNLOAD Crochet Pattern

Roman Soldier Helmet, Greek soldier Helmet, Sizes Baby - Adult (Instant Downloadable Tutorial Crochet PDF Pattern) $4.50

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