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Soldier field events

NORSE: VALHALLA, or "Hall of the Slain". Valhalla is depicted as a giant hallway in Asgard dedicated to the fallen soldiers in battle, only the souls of warriors deemed fit by the Norse god Odin, who have died a noble or valiant death on the field may enter. Those chosen by Odin are led to the great hall by his Valkyries and the rest go to Hel. In Valhalla, the dead join the masses of those who have perished in combat known as Einherjar as they prepare to aid Odin in the events of Ragnarok.

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Chicago - To me cities can be beautiful....especially when they are lit up!

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“Brünnhilde slowly and silently leads her horse down the path to the cave.” - Richard Wagner’s The Valkyrie, illustrated by Arthur Rackham

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Sports Fans' Heinz Field Wedding by Meaghan Elliott Photography

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Navy Pier - Chicago, IL Google Image Result for

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The brooding soldier memorial to the Canadians of WW1 - photo by Paul Reed, retouched by HistoryNeedsYou

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