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Time of Day Matters: How Harsh and Soft Light Affect Your Photography

the different twilights - nautical twilight, civil twilight and astronomical twilight

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'Taxes Really Matter': Whopper of a Lesson From Burger King

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Fishng Mafia V-Neck (on woman)

@physics_is_nature - Soft Matter Physics Soft matter is a subfield of condensed matter comprising a variety of physical systems that are deformed or structurally altered by thermal or mechanical stress of the magnitude of thermal fluctuations. They include liquids colloids polymers foams gels granular materials liquid crystals and a number of biological materials. In school we generally learn that matter exists in three phases solid liquid and gas. If you think about it you will however…

Non-equilibrium Phenomena In Confined Soft Matter

Soft Matters beautiful chunky 100% Merino wool