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turf installation - lots of great tips and explanation of soil type &PH, prep work, care & maintenance, etc


Seed tend to be blown about by the wind, eaten by birds, or fail because of drought. It takes considerable amounts of time to form a visually appealing lawn, and even more time before it is robust enough for use.

LAWNS When designed thoughtfully, your lawn can function as an open-air room that works as well for lounging and entertaining as it does for play. Grassy areas are a place where kids can kick a ball around, play tag, make a fort, or do somersaults. As with a glade in a forest, a lawn also serves to bring light and air into the property. Design leftover space into a handsome focal area of your landscape. @BelmanLiving

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How to Lay Sod

As you’ve seen by now I ripped out a lot of my front yard and started from scratch.   Overgrown bushes?  Gone.  Scraggly bushes?  Gone.  Possibly possessed bushes?  Gone for good. Yup.  I performed an exorcism on my front yard. … Continue reading →


Successful Sod Installation Starts with the Right Prep - Articles