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Narcissistic sociopath.... When you start to question him, or realize what he's doing? He dumps your ass. You are NOT allowed to question anything. Fuck that! GOOD BYE

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Emotionless Sociopaths Test him/her. We have an actually "confession to this" Not crying at his own grandfathers funeral. And says they won't cry either once parents are gone. Yesss...alll the way sociopath.

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Manipulation of narcissistic sociopath relationship abuse: Does he create harmony or engineer chaos? No wonder he never wanted me around his friends....everyone who meets me, likes me. He kept making me feel like I was the issue.

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Although almost anyone can be targeted by a sociopath, like most people, sociopaths are more apt to spend their energy where they have a higher likelihood of success. Sociopaths test boundaries early in relationships to find individuals, like me, whose boundaries may be weaker and, therefore, easier to violate. Of course, for lots of reasons, once small boundaries have been crossed, it is easier to cross medium boundaries and crossing those makes violating larger ones all the easier.

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14 Ways to Know If You're Dating a Psychopath, Sociopath, Or Narcissist | Narcissist, Sociopath, and Psychopath Abuse Recovery

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COMMON SYMPTOMS OF SOCIOPATHIC PERSONALITY DISORDER 1. Pathological lying, can often pass a lie detector test, as lying is part of the sociopath's innate makeup 2. Shallow emotions, exhibits outward charm but holds inward scorn for others. 3. Overblown ego (total self-centeredness)and sense of entitlement, feelings that whatever they want is their right to have regardless of harm done to others to obtain it 4. Feel their behavior is justified 5. Desire to control and...

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You don't give a shit, therefore you will never get respect from me, it's earned and you don't get that. Half what you write you should look in the mirror

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