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so tired. Some lives are more tiring than others. They wear you out sooner. Some people are inately more equiped to deal with that kind of life, and others are not. Don't judge what you don't understand.


Why is she a strong girl? Because she walks around everyday on the verge of tears and you don't even have the slightest clue that she's not okay


So tired. I thought i saw u today in 3 diff trucks! Omg this is getting to me! Will u ever talk to me again? Hope ur doing better w this than i am..


So tired right now. Don't know why. Only about 1/4 through the work shift. I'll be okay. One of the machines i have is making a huge mess and i have to constantly clean it up just to stay on par with it. Otherwise i'm doing alright. A nice long nap would feel good